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I’m a professional photographer specializing in studio and lifestyle portraits of children, families, high school seniors, and performing artists. I live in Ann Arbor with my husband, Rich, and our 21-year-old son, Max. Learn more about my portrait and headshot services at Myra Klarman Photography.

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FestiFools 2016

This is a follow-up to our previous study. Here, we seek to control for any possible effects of time of day. Specifically, will the public’s response to 3-month-old photographs vary depending on whether the images depict daytime or nighttime goings-on? Please share your reactions in the comments below. (Why pay...

FoolMoon 2016

You’ve heard of Christmas in July, right? Well, how about April Fools’ Day in June? We decided to do a little social science experiment: In today’s 5-nanosecond news cycle, how would people respond to photographs taken three months ago? Please add your comments below, so we can honestly claim to...

FestiFools 2015

FoolMoon 2015

Weather forecast for FoolMoon 2015: 70% chance of rain through the evening, then clearing up. The 5th annual FoolMoon street party answered a series of questions that I hadn’t even thought to ask until 8:15pm, Friday April 10, 2015. To wit: What would happen if it began raining just as the...

Happy 2015!

Left Column: Tappan XC Foolin’ at FestiFools First day ever walking to school ??? Middle Column: Crazy Hair Day Got game? You should see the other guy! Jumping for joy at Camp Tavor Right Column: Chalk artist Art in his jeans Heidelberg Project Halloween haul We miss The Wafel Shop.

Pioneer Theatre Guild: Rent

First, forgive me for the delay in launching this blog entry about Rent! There has been so much going on at once (most of it just good ol’ life). I appreciate your patience. When I first heard that Pioneer Theatre Guild was doing Rent, I was filled with dread. I knew...

FestiFools 2014

After the crazy-long winter — and FoolMoon’s frozen precipitation — we so appreciated the beautiful spring weather we got for FestiFools. I don’t know if we had a record-sized crowd, but it sure seemed like it. Keeping everyone’s hips shaking were THREE different drum troupes: FestiFools veternans U-M Groove was...

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